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5. IDC -Island dance competition winter edition Malinska – COMPETITION INFORMATION

All categories which  are to be judged by the  rules of IDF-a, can qualify for the world championship(first three places) and also are in competing for special awards IDC-a. Other categories that are judged by the general  rules of IDC are in the competition for special awards ,but cannot be qualified for the world championship.


Date:                            03.11.2018.

Place of the event:       Malinska, Sports Hall BOGOVIĆI, Stipkino 7 Island Krk-Croatia

Organizer:                   Plesno -glazbena udruga “CHAPLIN”, Dub events & adventures Malinska

Tip natjecanja:           Open type for all dance schools,dance clubs,asocciations,studios,for independent solo artists, cultural art societies, individuals from home and abroad

Deadline:                      28.10.2018.

Age categories:  

Baby: 4 – 6 god. IDC-DK
Mini: 6 -9 god. IDC i IDF- DK
Youth: 10-13 god. IDC i IDF –DK
Juniori: 14-16 god. IDC i IDF-DK
Adult: 17- 20 god. IDC I IDF-DK
Seniori: 21+ god. IDC –DK

Dance categories: 

Jazz Dance
MTV- Comercial
Freesyle/Street Show (combination of few/all urban styles)
Latino Show
Fitnes Dance Show

Dance categories according to rules of IDF:
Fit Kid
Jazz Funk
Hip Hop
Dance Show
Fantasy Show

Categories according to number of dancers:
Solo (1) 1:15-1:30
Duo (2) 1:30- 2:00
Grupa (3-7) 2:00 -2:30
Formacija (8-24) 2:30 -4:00
produkcija (25)+ 3:00-5:00

Remark: In  all dance categories according to IDC it is allowed to have +30 seconds more than you put in the application without penalties.


Registration fee: Baby– first coreography is 8 €,the next ones each are 5 € (by the individual dancer), (in this category every dancer is awarded no matter what score they get from the judges to encourage further work)
Mini, Youth, Juniori, Adult, Seniori– firt coreography 10 € ,the next ones each are 8 € (by the individual dancer)

Remark:              For payments in Croatia the exchange rate of the euro is 7,50 kuna for 1 €.

Awards:              Special awards,medals, cups, diplomas

Rules for categories by IDF organisation:

Phone:                          +385 98398745 Mira

Judges:                        WILL BE ANNOUNCED…