IDC – org.

international dance competition
of all age groups

Ova dole je za desktop. Meniji su odvojeni jer za mob ide ispod slike. Ovo se ne vidi jer je responzive

IDC – org.

international dance competition
of all age groups

About us

We are an organization that, among other things, is involved in the organization of dance competitions.

Our goal is to create a perfect competition where dancers of all age groups will have the opportunity to showcase their talent and enjoy one of the scholarships we give to progress and to perfect their techniques.

In addition, we promote a friendly atmosphere, equality and cohesion.

What differentiates the Island Dance Competition from other competitions is our goal to  promote education at all levels from beginner to professional.

Best dancers, picked by our professional judges, are given the chance to full and part scholarships at dance schools such, Vivo Ballet in Italy, Manhattan Dance Project in USA, VS Dance Academy-GOLDY in Bulgaria and many  more.

History of Competition

In January of 2014, the first dance event called the Malinska Dance Cup was held, which was attended by 300 dancers.

After that, 4 IDC competitions were held in the winter list / November.

In June 2017, the 1st Island Dance Competition summer edition was held, which proved to be a full hit.

In June 2018, the 2nd Island Dance Competition was held, featuring 1050 dancers from 10 countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Republic of Kosovo, Serbia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina Romania and Croatia

Let’s move on….. 

Where are we and how to reach us?

The island of Krk is a beautiful island with a mediterranean climate. Due to its benefits, it is also called the Golden Island.
Krk is the only island that is connected to the mainland by a bridge 1430 meters long Krčki most(in the past Titov most).
We are only 40 km from the center of Rijeka.
A multicultural city that is interesting for all age groups.
Island of Krk is one of the largest islands on Croatian coast. It has beautiful beaches, specializes in gastronomy; olive oil and wine (Vrbnička žlahtina-wine made from grape variety that grows only on the island of Krk)

It is famous for the Baška plateau, the first letter written in Glagolitic style, the Biserujka cave, the blue cave and many other beautiful sights.
On the island of Krk there are several tourist places and more villages and hamlets.

The competition is held in a modern sports hall which has 600 seats in the stands.
Sports Hall (as part of a primary school)
is located at Stipkino 7, Bogovići Malinska 51511 Island of Krk Croatia