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New information- 9th IDC -winter edition 17.December.2022

  Dear managers, coach,leader, trainers and dancers💃🎅❄⛄🎄
Applications are open until 09.12.2022 
Application link: 
via the official website: 
The possibility to extend applications will not be possible, please note that applications will be accepted on 09.12. 22 will be closed and there is no possibility of registration on that day, except for some minor changes for clubs that have already registered.
You must upload the music no later than 7 days before the competition in order to have time to check all the music and notice in time if some matrix is not ready for public release. in order to avoid problems at the competition related to music.
Spectator ticket 30 kuna (3.98 euros)

As we promised, we are sending you the Advent program that will be held every weekend in Malinska and also on the weekend when our competition is held. For those who will spend the whole weekend in Malinska:

16.12 Christmas at home – DUBoak Interpretation Center 
17.12 IDC – 9th winter edition18.12 Damir Keđa’s concert at 18:00 in the center of Malinska 
16-18.12 Santa’s house is open from 16:00-19:00, located 150m from the Sports Hall.
Attached are the visuals for Advent and the competition.